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JBinUp is a Java based client for uploading binary files to the Usenet
JBinUp has been tested with Win2000 / XP / Vista / 2003, Linux and Mac-OS.

JBinUp is executable on every platform where Java v1.6 is available.

Main Features from JBinUp

- GUI giving easy access to many functionalities
- Multiserver capability
- NNTP and NNTPS support
- No connection limits
- Sequential Uploading
- Headercheck after upload
- Batchfunction for WinRar and Par2
- All uploads are encoded with the yEnc algorythm
- Creation of NZB-files after finishing a JBinUp mission is possible
- command line interface supported (coming soon)
- Multilanguage Support

Actual release: JBinUp / JBinDown downloaden